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Thousand Oaks Personal Injury Attorney

Filing a class action lawsuit in Thousand Oaks?

A class action lawsuit is filed when a group of people have been injured or harmed by one product or company. In order to qualify as a class action, a court must determine if the amount of people involved is large enough to make trying the case as one group more efficient than each person going through a separate trial. Also, each of the plaintiffs in the case must be affected by the company or product in a similar manner.

Because big name companies often hire a team of lawyers, a single person may not have a chance to fight against them, while a group can consolidate their interests and do it together. When getting ready to file a class action, you should enlist the help of a Thousand Oaks personal injury attorney immediately. Here at the Valley Attorney Group, our lawyers can provide you with excellent legal counsel and guide you through the process.

Thousand Oaks Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Westlake Village

When you use a product or visit a public place, your safety should be of the utmost concern to those running the corporation behind it. One person getting injured may be a fluke but when it happens over and over again, someone must be held responsible. A class action can be brought against a company for premises liability, such as in the instance of unsafe grounds that cause slip & fall accidents, or any number of other examples.

If you have been injured due to a defective product or had an accident in a public place caused by negligence on the part of management, and know of others who have suffered similarly; contacting an attorney is very important. We can assist you through the often complicated process and help everyone involved stay abreast of important facts and details in the case. By working together, we can help you and the other plaintiffs seek the compensation you deserve.

Contact a Thousand Oaks personal injury lawyer from the firm if you have decided to file a class action lawsuit.

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